Effective phase of post-cycle treatment after Primobolan

Before we start discussing the uniqueness of the Primobolan cycle, we must first take the time to understand what type of steroid it is.

Primobolan is a steroid that can be taken orally or injected into the body. Despite its anabolic effects, it is often used as a cutting steroid due to its fat burning ability.

Unlike other compounds, Primobolan does not cause gas or water retention.

Primobolan’s chemical name is Methenolone, and it is such a popular steroid that many consider it a more desirable steroid than Trenbolone or Winstrol.

Well, if you compare Primobolan with other powerful steroids including Tren and Dianabol; Primobolan is actually quite mild with low androgen / anabolic levels.

As a result, many “hard core” bodybuilders use more toxic steroids because it is a weaker compound on paper. Make no mistake though, as Primo can have some serious benefits when used correctly.

Effective phase of post-cycle treatment after Primobolan

In fact, many old-school bodybuilders from the golden age of bodybuilding (70s and 80s) used Primobolan not only to build / maintain muscle and burn fat, but also as a preventative measure against gynecological diseases.

This is because it is not aromatic, which means that it prevents the estrogen levels from rising. Gynecology is caused by an excess of estrogen.

Arnold is considered to be one of the great bodybuilders who have used and helped Primo, Mr. Olympia of all time.

Increased muscle mass

Although Primobolan is primarily a cutting steroid, make no mistake; It can also be used to increase muscle mass.

It does this by improving nitrogen retention in the muscles. This is necessary because a positive nitrogen balance is essential to create an anabolic environment in the body where new muscle tissue is synthesized.

This positive nitrogen balance can also help bodybuilders maintain their muscles while cutting calories, while the body goes catabolic and burns muscle tissue for energy.

Even if you cut back… if you exercise a lot, eat right, and use other strong steroids with Primobolan, you can really build an extraordinary amount of muscle with Primobolan.

However, the muscle building in the primobolan cycle is not as extensive as in the dianabolic cycle. So don’t expect to gain 20 pounds of muscle in a few weeks. However, steroids like dianabol do not burn as much fat as Primo can.

Keep muscles

Bodybuilders often use Primobola to shorten their cycles, and the reason is to prevent bodybuilders worst nightmare: muscle loss.

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You see, you need to be low in calories to cut that down.

It basically means that you need to consume fewer calories per day than your body needs to maintain.

The principle is that your body is depleting the amount of fat it needs to make up for this lack of calories. Exceptional!

The problem, however, is when calories drop too low that the body can begin to burn muscle tissue.

Primoblan, on the other hand, prevents this muscle catabolism and helps you gain volume and volume at the end of the cut.

Keep muscles

Fat burning

This is where Primobolan really comes in.

Simply put, Primo is one of the best fat steroids on the planet.

Speed ​​up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burner.

The steroid doesn’t seem to work wonders, so if you really want to see the effects of Primobolan, you need to make sure you get plenty of cardio, exercise properly, and eat the right foods.

Bottom line, if you’re sitting on the couch most of the time, eating junk, and barely working out at the gym, don’t expect to look like Jeff Seid just because he’s on steroids.

But if you are able to train and diet, you will be surprised by the results.

Dose of Primobolan

Due to the relatively low rate of anabolism, the dose of Primobolan is higher than that of many other steroids. These higher doses provide this anabolic material only as an excipient.

The dose will be just too high to use it as a filler.

For best results, I recommend administering this compound in pill form.

Beginners should take 400 mg per week. Average users can increase it to 700 mg, and advanced users can increase it to 1000 mg per week.

The dose should be divided into two weeks before injection. Approximately three days should elapse between each injection.

The half-life of administered Primobolan is much longer than oral, about ten days. Women should take half the dose than men.

Dose of Primobolan

Oral mixture is a good choice for people who are afraid of injections. However, it is not as effective as injections.

Beginner and intermediate users can definitely take 150 mg per day. Advanced users can increase it to 200 mg per day.

If you choose to take a higher dose orally, remember that you increase your risk of liver toxicity.

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Women are much better off taking much lower doses of Primobolan orally. They should take 50-75 mg per day.

Primobolan PCT

All anabolic steroids inhibit the natural production of testosterone to some extent (in men) because the body depends on exogenous sources of the hormone and therefore stops producing it biologically.

Primobolan is no different, so you need to have an effective treatment phase after a cycle.

Post-cycle therapy is relatively easy to assess at the end of the cycle, and you have many options to help you look your best.

For your convenience, we offer two popular options and a very experimental method for restoring natural hormone levels. These alternatives are Nolvadex, Clomid and HCG / Pregnyl.

The first two options are useful for supplements at the end of any initial / transient cycle, and are probably worth trying hCG at the end of a particularly difficult cycle, if at all.

Due to its mild nature and the fact that it is not a synthetic version of testosterone, Primobolan is not intended to inhibit testosterone levels.

However, other drugs that you contribute to the cycle determine the strength and duration of post-cycle treatment (PCT).

Primobolan PCT

PCT is designed to reverse the testosterone suppression that can occur during a steroid cycle.

The best PCT substrates are Clomid and Nolvadex.

Men get most of Primobolan by combining it with testosterone and other DHT-derived drugs such as Winstrol, Anavar and Masteron. You can replace the basic testosterone in your cycle with a good natural testosterone booster and you can remove the Master from your cycle if you do not want to take the injections. The cycle Testosterone, Primobolan, Masteron and Winstrol is a very common and effective cutting cycle. HCGenerate is a great testosterone booster that you can use to increase your own natural testosterone production instead of injections. N2Slin is a very powerful weight loss drug that will help you build muscle while losing body fat, improving the results you get from the steroids you are already taking.

After each cycle, adequate post-cycle therapy (PCT) is needed to restore natural testosterone production. Wait for steroid esters to clear your body before starting PCT.

You will usually start PCT 4-5 days after the last injection if you are taking steroids with short esters (such as testosterone propionate and master propionate) or if you are on an oral cycle. If you are taking steroids (such as Testosterone Cypionate or Masteron Enanthate) for a long time, start PCT 10-14 days after your last injection.

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Recommendations for Nolvadex and Clomid PCT

Our Nolvadex and Clomid recommendations are for anyone who has had a light or heavy cycle. This suggests that you should stop taking hCG and adhere to these two previous compounds.

Used correctly, they are also compatible with HCG.
Post-cycle treatment should be started:

  • 3-4 days after the last dose of short-acting ether
  • 14-21 (14 for all enanthate regimens above) days after the last sustained release dose

HCG supplements should be started according to exactly the same instructions, although in this case the difference is that you should not take Nolvadex or Clomid at the same time. You will first start the mini HCG cycle and then immediately start using Nolvadex or Clomid.

An example of male PCT design

Women should not include testosterone in their cycle. Women can take Primobola alone or in combination with Anavar. BRIDGE is a very powerful non-steroidal muscle building tool used by non-steroidal men to maintain their steroid intake, for women BRIDGE offers a natural way to build muscle mass without any side effects.

Adequate post-cycle therapy (PCT) is also required for women after each Primobolan cycle. Although women do not have testicles, they still produce testosterone through the ovaries and adrenal cortex. Natural testosterone production is inhibited by the use of exogenous steroids and PCT is needed to restore normal production. Women should start PCT 4-5 days after the start of the cycle.

Side effects in women can be expressed as follows:

  • Infertility and menstrual irregularities. In the female body, the hormone testosterone is stored in the ovaries and other organs of the reproductive system. Steroid medications increase testosterone, so taking them causes hormonal changes.
  • Virilization process. Steroids have androgenic properties, so typical male symptoms can occur in women during puberty. Steroid use can also cause clitoral growth, baldness, voice changes, and more.
  • Emotional state Steroids affect emotions. As a result, women can suffer from depression, irritability and increased anxiety.
  • Physical effects. Taking steroid medications can cause bloating, severe acne, sexual dysfunction, liver disease, and high cholesterol.
  • It is recommended to use small doses of steroids to avoid side effects.
Side effects in women can be expressed as follows: