Features of the course and dosage of Primobolan

Primobolan is the trade name for an anabolic steroid, more commonly known as Methenolone. It is characterized by moderate (88%) and low (up to 44%) androgenic activity. Compared to other steroids, it exhibits relatively mild anabolic effects, but nevertheless, it is a popular drug widely used by representatives of strength sports such as bodybuilding and weightlifting. Prima (slang) is an excellent tool for preserving muscle mass, eliminating fat deposits and muscle curves. The main advantage of the drug is the almost complete absence of possible side effects, which explains its popularity in the world of sports.

Features of the course and dosage of Primobolan

Features of Primobolan

  1. Because Primobolan does not provide much water and fat, it is often used by builders to prepare for competitions. However, it should be noted that muscles tend to create very rigid and strongly defined muscles.
  2. However, in combination with drugs “weight loss”, Primobolan is good for building quality muscle and strengthening strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used a combination with methandrostenolone during weight gain. He’s been talking about it a lot.
    The property of Methenolone Enanthate does not interfere with the production of endogenous testosterone when used at the minimum dose under “bridges”. This makes it possible to preserve what happened during the procedure and at the same time restore the proper functioning of the endocrine system. However, the main use of Primobolan is the drying and draining of AAS.

How to take a Primobolan course?

Primobolan is a very popular substance in bodybuilding and is used by athletes with a variety of training experiences, both beginners and professionals. Experienced athletes prefer to use it in preparation for competition, when it is necessary to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat in a short time, improve relief and maintain the previously increased muscle mass. Beginners, often unfamiliar with steroids, are interested in Methenolone because it is considered a “mild” drug with moderate effects that produces a gradual but noticeable effect without harming the body.
Primobol is also commonly used in powerlifting and weightlifting as it can increase muscle strength and endurance without adding weight. This allows the athlete to lift heavier weights, train harder, but stay in that weight class.

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Prima is one of the few anabolic steroids that can be used by women without harming their health. Due to the steroid’s mild action, athletes can use it in doses up to 150mg per week without worrying about side effects.

Methenolone is a long-acting drug and maintains its activity in the body for up to 2 weeks, so you don’t need to use it often. However, as practice shows, athletes get the best effect when they take the drug 2-3 times a week, because the blood maintains a stable concentration of the drug and no changes in hormones.

How to take a Primobolan course?

Based on the experience of athletes who know the effects of this steroid on personal examples, we can say that the best effect is manifested in a course of 6-10 weeks with average doses of 200-500 mg. weekly. The ideal dose is 100 mg. The drug at the same time with the frequency of injections three times a week. Although steroids are mild and the potential for side effects is very small, it is highly recommended not to exceed these dosages! However, it should be understood that reducing the dose can also reduce the overall effectiveness of the course and simply not achieve the desired result.

The course is intended for intermediate level athletes and lasts 6 weeks. For this Primobolan solo course, the recommended dose is 300mg per week, or 100mg of the drug 3 times per day. Injection days – Monday, Wednesday, Friday. As practice shows, this dosage and frequency of administration allows you to experience all the positive effects of taking steroids without causing any side effects.

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Interactions with other steroids

Since Primobolan has a mild anabolic effect, it is combined with other drugs: nandrolone, anadrol, testosterone. This combination promotes a more intense muscle mass. Combining Primobolan with Winstrol speeds up the drying process. The combined course should not contain more than two drugs.

Primobolan is a fairly safe anabolic substance, so it can be recommended to all beginners for the first cycle. With this help, quality muscle mass is gained with almost no side effects. This distinguishes it from other anabolic steroids. Primobolan doses can range from 180mg to 800mg per week.


Course 1 is designed for athletes who value health above all else. Its biggest advantage is the almost total absence of side effects. However, this course is quite expensive.

Course number 1

The course is designed for athletes who pay special attention to their health and try to avoid side effects. It has a high cost.

  • Duration: 8 weeks.
  • Dosage: 350-400 mg of Primobolan per week + 45 mg of Oxandrolone per day.
  • Effect: about 4 kg of quality muscle mass and no side effects.

Course number 2

An interesting course option for athletes with little experience in pharmacology. For those who are not taking more serious anabolic steroids and want to prepare the body for heavier cycles.

  • Duration: 6-8 weeks.
  • Dosage: 450-650 mg of Primobolan per week + 35-40 mg of Methandrostenolone per day.
  • Effect: Increases strength and weight with minimal side effects.
Course number 2

Course number 3

The course is designed for experienced “chemists”.

  • Duration: 8 weeks.
  • Dosage: Primobolan (350-400mg per week) + Testosterone Propionate (95mg per day) + Trenbolone Acetate (350-400mg per week).
  • Effect: Rapid increase in quality muscle mass with minimal fluid retention.
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Primobolan treatment is suitable for athletes who are trying to maintain and improve the quality of muscle mass. It is recommended to consult a doctor and get tested. The specialist then assigns an individual course. The course lasts 6-8 weeks. Injections are given once a week in a dose of 400 mg. PCT begins 3 weeks after completing the Primobolan course. Primobolan is usually combined with other steroids for weight gain. For weight gain with: nandrolone, testosterone, oxymetholone, sustanone or methandrostenolone. Winstrol is suitable for drying.

Side effects

  • Decreased testosterone production.
  • There is water retention that does not allow the use of the drug before the competition.
  • Large doses increase liver function.
  • Individual immunity has side effects in athletes: there is a decrease in tone and an increase in body hair.

Primobolan has almost no side effects, does not spice, nor has progestine effects. Androgenic activity is also very low and the production of testosterone is barely suppressed when methenolone is used. If your course only consists of the Primobolano, you will certainly not gain much muscle mass, but will most likely not perish after the course.

Side effects

Therefore you should not expect any noticeable effects from the first, especially when the largest doses are not used.